Courses2 hours5 hours8 hours(overnight)more than 2 days
and above/person
FAMILIES* & FRIENDS¥5,000/person¥10,000/person¥15,000/person
and above/person
YOUTH GROUP (over three)¥4,000/person¥8,000/person¥13,000/person
COMPANY OWNER*¥300,000/person
and above/group

*All children who participate in the FAMILIES PROGRAM must be accompanied by their guardians. Each guardian will be charged
the PROGRAM fee for an adult. There is no charge for children under 2 years of age.
For the 2 hour PROGRAM, the fee for children 3-6years old is ¥2,000; 7-15 years old is ¥3,000 and for persons above 16 is ¥5,000.
For the 5 hour PROGRAM, the fee for children 3-6years old is ¥4,000; 7-15 years old is ¥6,000 and for persons above 16 is ¥10,000
There maybe some other families or friends grouped in the same PROGRAM

*Regarding the COMMUNITY PROGRAM, when the application is made with more than 2 persons as a group, the fee is:
¥10,000/person for the 5 hour PROGRAM; ¥13,000/person for the 8 hour PROGRAM; ¥20,000 and above/person for a 2 day PROGRAM or longer.
When only one additional person joins a group, the fee remains at the standard figure as listed above.

*Please note that applicants for COMPANY OWNER and CUSTOM PROGRAMS must be referral by existing associates of the PROGRAMS
and qualify via application.

*Your participation to the PROGRAMS will be confirmed by e-mail after your application and the receipt of full payment.
Please note that there is no refund for cancellation after your confirmed application. Should your boat to OHSHIMA
be cancelled due to weather conditions, your PROGRAM will be rescheduled.

大島観光研修プログラム お支払いについて

Statement Based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transaction

Seller000 PLENUM Inc.
Sales ManagerMayumi Jingu
Postal Code100-0101
LocationMotomachi Ohshima-machi Tokyo Japan
Payment MethodPayPal / Bank Transfer
Other CostPayment transfer cost, transportation fee to the venue, accommodation and food costs are not
covered by the Program fee. Please arrange and pay these on your own.
Application ExpirationProgram application is valid when the payment is made within 2 weeks and will be effective until the day
the program is presented. When the payment is not confirmed within 2 weeks, the application will expire.
Return and Refund Policy

We will charge a cancellation fee depending on the date of acceptance of cancellation. As the cancellation fee as follows will be charged, please be sure of your understanding and acknowledgment of this policy.

<Cancellation Due to Customers>

From transaction day to 2 weeks before the program day       80% refund

10 days before the program day                                            70% refund

5 days before the program day                                              50% refund

4 days before the program day to the on the program day        0% refund


<Cancellation Due to Weather>

 In case of non-fulfillment of the program due to the non-arrival to the venue caused by the cancellation of sailing or flight, rescheduling will be proposed.

If the rescheduling is impossible, we refund the amount except for the transaction fee and deposit fee.

NoticeThe program transaction ends upon completion of the said program on the day it is presented.

Responses to the applications are made in a week except for the New Year period. Should there be no response
from us after more than a week, please contact us again as in case the application did not come through correctly.

For our act on specified commercial transactions contact us here.