000 PLENUM Inc. complies with the codes and terms regulated in the Personal Information Protection Act and handles personal information with its utmost attention.

1 About the collection of personal information
 • We collect personal information to the extent necessary to offer our service by legal and fair means

2 Purpose of the use of personal information
 • In order to contact our clients to process the application
 • In order to provide our services to our clients for the applied programs

3 Access to the clients’ information
 • We have strict management to limit the access authority

4 Provision of personal information to third parties
 • No disclosure of personal information to third parties is made except for:
  - when client has consented to disclose the personal information to third parties
  - when disclosure request is made by public agencies such as police
  - when legal request is made
  - when disclosure is necessary to protect human life or assets and the confirmation of the client is not accessible

5 Contact for protection of privacy policy
 For our privacy policy contact us here.