大島 研修 観光


What is innovative about OHSHIMA?
Ohshima has seen modern civilization shift gears: slow down, turn its direction, connect to one’s inner wisdom, and remember the ancient ways of using local resources in alignment with nature. The islanders are growing their capacity to mutually collaborate in order to cope with various new issues.

It is with this focus that OHSHIMA ♡ HEART OF INNOVATION offers tips for innovation of your life and our society with its people’s wisdom available from living on the volcanic island itself.

Ohshima’s volcano, Mount ‘Mihara’ means the mountain with three beginnings or fields. We learn from the island as a global opportunity for new beginnings for corporate and institutional leadership, families and communities. Learning to live in balance with one’s work and personal life does not have to be a challenge. Instead Ohshima’s programs offer a way to learn harmony among work, play, life, family and community.

大島 研修 観光

How do OHSHIMA ♡ HEART OF INNOVATION Programs make a difference for families?

Mindful storytelling and story sharing
In Ohshima we weave nature, storytelling and mindfulness to create
a holistic experience for grandparents, parents and children, or for friends. We offer ways that show both children and parents alike, how to tune into one’s own calm center. It is in this manner we are able to receive the deep wisdom the stories have to convey.

Additionally, by being in this centered place during the interactive, shared component of the storytelling, you will notice what it feels like to align with yourself and your child, or one another in an innovative and inspiring way. It is an opportunity to experience our lives as whole and united with both nature and all of life’s beauty.

Family or Friends collaboration in nature
So often when we think back to our best childhood memories they include family, friends and nature. Our Family or Friends Program is offered in nature to create these lasting memories for all. An example excursion is visiting the salt dome to see how natural salt is made integrating ancient wisdom and modern ways.

Rediscovering your connection to home or friends
A component of our Custom Program; corporate leadership trainings includes a dialogue to find your internal compass. This means learning new ways to have harmony among yourself, your work, your family and your friends. For example, it might be as simple as noticing for the first time, the innate wisdom of your three-year old child. Or, finding your own inner stillness that allows child-like wonder or aspiration to spark once again.

大島 研修 観光

A commitment made to shed light on one’s home community
Will enlighten and empower the communities around the world
As local, global and universal lives are no longer separate in reality

For many in Japan, India and other countries where urban life has become overwhelming, stressful and unrewarding, lifestyle shifts are becoming more common. These lifestyle shifts may be summarized by the following terms: I-Turn, J-Turn and U-Turn. They are described as follows:

• I-Turn: People who have been raised in an urban city and move to the countryside or rural areas.
• J-Turn: People who have moved to a large city and then have moved back to the countryside or rural area, and to a location other than where they were originally from.
• U-Turn: People who were raised in the countryside, then move to a big city for work, etc.. then return home at a later time.

OHSHIMA ♡ HEART OF INNOVATION offers introductory, interactive and participation-based events to learn how to:
• Cocreate common values with the existing community
• Implement New World ways in your home community
• Inspire new residents to align with their life’s work and purpose

大島 研修 観光

How do OHSHIMA ♡ HEART OF INNOVATION Programs assist company owners?

The Program’s COCORO WAY (using mind and heart as one) is to assist company owners in cocreating a common future. These programs are relevant to both corporate leadership and running a New World company. OHSHIMA ♡ HEART OF INNOVATION is clear in the gravity and scope of this work.

Please read the FAQ page regarding the prerequisites and disclaimers for these programs.

How do the The Five Keys to Innovate Your Life overlay with this program?

Company Owner : Corporate leadership

• Inner Rejuvenation: Tune into your inner quiet.
• Art of Learning: Tap into your state of flow. Use this skill to consciously choose when to be “in the zone”.
• Paradigm Shift through Play: Play again and notice the freedom that it brings.
• World Cocreation: Create interplay uniting your head and heart. Use this COCORO Way in developing multicultural, collaborative dexterity.
• Gift of Island Time: Be in individual, corporate and global alignment simultaneously.
• Tune into your happiness, fulfillment and joy in your everyday management.

How does this program assist company owners in learning how to run a New World company?
Learn how to…
• Cocreate a common future
• Live a corporate mission of common values that contributes to a shared global vision of the future
• Create your company’s energetic matrix. Use this to fulfill your corporate mission.
• Apply multicultural, collaborative skills in stressful and challenging situations
• Prepare for the unknown in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world
• Maximize global benefit by using current corporate resources

This program is only available upon referral. Applicants are selected for the ‘Company Owner Program’ and ‘Custom Program’.
Please read the FAQ page regarding the prerequisites and disclaimers for these programs.

大島 研修 観光

000 PLENUM INC. offers Custom Programs for world leaders, corporate owners, training and design specialists.

The opportunities made possible through OHSHIMA ♡ HEART OF INNOVATION Custom Programs include:

• Corporate and institutional leadership trainings that assist our global leaders in connecting with their inner wisdom and maximizing their potential
• A New World way of appreciating the joy of our family while realizing our life’s work
• Learning ancient trades that are environmentally sustainable like the history of restoring natural salt making and continuous ingenuity for its production

This program is only available upon referral. Applicants are selected for the ‘Company Owner Program’ and ‘Custom Program’.
Please read the FAQ page regarding the prerequisites and disclaimers for these programs.